The KATY BAR® HURRICANE DOOR ANCHOR is designed for most residential in-swinging, exterior grade, single and double-doors. The following information describes the ideal doorway dimensions for easy installation. A single door is used to diagram, but double-doors are measured the same way.
1 - In-swinging door(s) that is 36 inch, 60 inch or 72 inches in width with a continuous flat portion 3 inches above or below the door knob that contains no door molding, or door glass or obstructing hardware.
2 - Door trims are less than 1 inch thick and between 1 1/2 inch and 2 1/4 inch in width.
3 -Door and wall are on the same plane with no more than 9/16 inch difference. NOTE: A method to determine this is described below.
4 - At least 2 inches of wall space on either side of door to accommodate drill for installation.
We realize there are many, many different doorway configuration, and measurements may differ from these listed, but may still allow a proper installation. If your doorway has measurements different than these dimensions listed, please contact us on this website with the measurement and we will advise of a solution.
Even Plane of Door And Wall Determination.
Most residential doorways are aligned so the door and wall are even with each other.
To measure how aligned the door
and wall is, follow these steps.
Use a flat straight surface, and place against thickest portion of door trim. Measure thickness of trim nearest the wall from edge of surface to the wall, keeping all angles square and mark distance as shown.
Measure thickness of trim nearest the door from edge of surface and mark as shown. The difference between these two measurements is the difference in the plane, and should not be greater than 9/16 inch.
In general, The Katybar® Hurricane measures
2 & 1/2 inches away from door. The slide bolt extends
a measured 1 & 1/2 inches away from door.
The Katybar® Wall Anchor assembly
measures 3/4 inch wide, 2 inches away from
wall and 4 inches high.

The wall anchor will adjust
from 9/16 inch to 1 & 3/4
without spacer.
The wall anchor will adjust
from 1 inch to 2 & 1/8 inch
with spacer.

Door Requirements.
  • Doors are In-Swinging.
  • Doors and wall are nearly on the same plane.
  • Doors have a flat surface at least 3 inches from edge of doors.
  • Trim should be 2 to 2-1/4 inches in width. (Or can be modified).
  • Determining Size.
    Determining Size: To determine which size Katybar® Hurricane will be correct for your doors, Simply measure the entire width of each door. Do not include the trim in this measurement, only the doors.
    Installation and Use.
    • Determine the optimal location for attachment along the width of the doors.
    • Measure along the edge of the door trim from the top of doorway down to this optimal location for attachment of the wall anchors.
    • Wall anchors should be attached to the framing beams so that they are even across the doors.
    • Wall anchors are evenly attached and doors are closed.
    • Slide out one end of Katybar® Hurricane completely and turn handle down to lock in place and position it into the appropriate wall anchor.
    • Push Katybar® Hurricane against doors until they are snubbed against backstop.
    • Slide out remaining slide bolt into wall anchor and turn handle down to lock.
    • To unlock, hold the Katybar® Hurricane while lifting handle up and slide bolts inward and entire system comes off the doors.