Katy Bar Multi-Point Door Lock

Get Superior Door Security With The Katy Bar®

With 85% of all forced entries coming through the front door, door security starts right here!

The Katy Bar® is an innovative, attractive, heavy duty, 2-point door lock that provides complete door security for only $89.99.

A Real Door Security Difference

The Katy Bar 2-point door lock in action.

The Katy Bar® installed on a door protecting from home intrusions and burglaries.

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The Katy Bar® is easy to install, simple to use, and provides superior door security. Better than a dead-bolt, Katy Bar locks both sides of your door, keeping you safe from home intrusions and break ins.

Katy Bar® For A Real Door Security Difference Buy Now!

  • Tested to withstand 1500 pounds of pressure guaranteed! (Tested using the American Architectural and Manufacturers Association 1304-2 Forced Entry Resistance Test Standard.)
  • The Katy Bar® is a central door lock securing 100% of the width of your door where as a dead-bolt secures only 5.9% of your door.
  • The Katy Bar® installation wall anchors attach to 35 square inches of framing stud. A dead-bolt attaches to less than 1 square inch of the door jam. The Katy Bar® provides serious door security.
  • The Katy Bar® locks BOTH SIDES of your door to spread the resistance to intrusion force out evenly across the entire door width. The Katy Bar® provides extra door security that other locks can't. With only a dead-bolt securing your door, one solid kick and intruders are in!
  • With the Katy Bar® door security system, you can still use the dead-bolt that you have now, but you will increase your door security to a profound degree. With the Katy Bar®, door security is optimized and intruders are locked out!
  • For more information please visit our website at www.KatyBar.com

Get Superior Door Security From Our Patented Door Security System

The Katy Bar® - An Innovative Secure Door Lock For Only $89.99. Get The Door Security You Need Online Now!

Katy Bar® was developed from 14 years of research and has received two U.S. patents. Katy Bar® is one unprecedented door lock that assures you of superior door security and keeps you safe from door break ins!

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