Eliminate Home Intrusions with the Katy Bar 2-Point Door Lock that provides superior door lock and home security.

Eliminate Home Intrusions with
the Katy Bar® 2-Point Door Lock

Get Superior Door Lock Security. You can turn your door into a wall..."Katy Bar the Door!"

The Katy Bar door lock in use on a door.
The Katy Bar® Door Lock in Use

The Katy Bar® -- An Innovative, Good Looking, Heavy Duty, Secure Door Lock For Only $89.99. Buy Your Own Katy Bar® Door Lock Online Now! Buy the Katy Bar door lock now!

With 85% of all forced entries coming through the front door, home security starts here!

The Katy Bar® is an innovative, attractive, heavy duty, 2-point door lock that provides whole door security for a very affordable price of only $89.99

The Katy Bar® is easy to install, simple to use, and provides superior door security. Better than a dead-bolt, Katy Bar® locks both sides of your door, keeping you safe from home intrusions and break ins.

The Katy Bar® Door Lock Difference Buy the Katy Bar 2-point door lock now!

  • The Katy Bar® is a central lock securing 100% of the width of your door where as a dead-bolt secures only 5.9% of your door.

  • The Katy Bar Wall Anchors attach directly to a total of 20 cubic inches of framing stud on 2 sides of the door for support. A standard deadbolt is supported by only 1 cubic inch of soft pre-frame on 1 side of door.

  • The Katy Bar locks BOTH SIDES of your door to spread the resistance to intrusion force out evenly across the entire door width. In-house testing shows that the Katy Bar® withstands 2,000 pounds per square inch of pressure providing extra security against break ins. Dead-bolts lock only ONE SIDE of the door concentrating intrusion force and causing the dead-bolt to knife through your 1 inch of door pre-frame. With only a dead-bolt, one solid kick and intruders are in!

  • With the Katy Bar® securing your door, you can still use the dead-bolt that you have now, but you will increase your door security to a profound degree. With the Katy Bar®, your door is now as strong as a wall.

Visit the Katy Bar website for more information Buy the Katy Bar 2-point door lock now!