Detachable Katy Bar® Hurricane Door Anchor

The Katy Bar® Hurricane Detaches completely from door when not in use...

In-Swinging Door Only


Remember, with the Katy Bar® Hurricane in place, you are protected 24/7 whether there has been a storm or not! Here some additional benefits after a storm has struck;

2-Sided Protection

Both sides of door are protected! The door backstop holds against negative pressure. By then adding the Katy Bar®, you establish positive pressure protection which prevents your door from being pulled away from the structrure of the home.

Storm Outages

The Katy Bar® affords physical protection during and especially after the storm when electricity & communications are out and trespassing and looting are at thier peak.

Hinges Inside

With the Katy Bar®, hinges are inside the home. They are no longer a constant security threat from theives who can remove the hinge pins and regular unprotected doors.

In-Swinging Door

The Katy Bar® you can have a hurricane rated, in-swinging door system. Storm debris piles up against out-swinging doors and can obstruct egress. With in-swinging doors, the doors easily open without obstruction.

Product Details

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Detachable Katy Bar®Operation

Double-Door Lock shown and attach In-Swing Doors Only.

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