Make sure your Katy Bar® functions properly by pushing button and sliding handle to engage lock bolts outward and then push button and slide handle to disengage lock bolts inward before installation. While in locked position, hold up and against door at desired installation area to be certain lock bolts freely clear door trim.

Make sure that Wall Anchors screws are NOT to be OVERTIGHTENED. If screws are over tightened on wall anchor, you will crush wall board and completely alter alignment of lock bolts to wall anchors. Alignment of Wall Anchors and lock bolts are totally dependent on Wall Anchor mounted snug but without crushing wall board inward.

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The distance between the narrowest points measuring horizontally of the door frame must be less than 34.75 inches. For Out-Swinging Installations without door frame protrusions and horizontal width of door frame is greater than 34.75”, installation is straightforward.

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